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There is a World of difference between a jewelry store... and a JEWELER!!!

What does that mean?  Anyone can sell jewelry.   However a "real jeweler" and "true goldsmith/ craftsman" understands the inner workings of jewelry; how it's built, how the stones are set, how to repair it the best way possible, and even how to rebuild it back to its original condition or better!  We take pride in being just that, real true goldsmiths. We guarantee our work and back it up. We will take the time to educate you on how we will repair your jewelry and what will be the best way to get years of beauty and use out of your jewelry. 

Our services




Certified laser welding

Jewelry repair


Full Custom design

CAD Design

Stone setting

eyeglass repair

melting down gold, making a wax ring to be invested, final ring
top and side view of a custom hand engraved white gold ring with a sapphire solitaire
wax band made to fit perfectly up against diamond engagement ring
custom made white gold pendant from customers design of a flower in a compass
custom gold and diamond pendant in the shape of the Eifel tower
custom free form whimsical design pendant with citrine and diamonds
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